Mutual support is important for success in partner business | Story of SOLARGROUP partner Masoandro Zina Fara Lalao Rabemanambola

Mutual support is important for success in partner business | Story of SOLARGROUP partner Masoandro Zina Fara Lalao Rabemanambola

My name is Masoandro Zina Fara Lalao Rabemanambola. I am from Ambatolampy, Madagascar. I have a master's degree in commerce.

I used to teach at private colleges and work as a tutor in my spare time. I earned between 40 and 50 dollars monthly. It was enough to support and educate my three children.

I was deeply in debt. Worked like a slave. Slept sometimes as little as three hours a night. My children were often left unsupervised, I had no time for my family. And I had no right to relax.

After the coronavirus pandemic, my husband lost his job. I soon lost my job too, as schools were forced to close for a while. I had to move in with my parents together with the kids, and my husband stayed in town to find some part-time job. My parents live 70 kilometers south of the capital city of Antananarivo. I was left without a phone and had to borrow one from my dad. I made a few posts on Facebook and mentioned that I was looking for a job online. I requested information and sent direct messages to advertisers.

Too bad most of them were a waste of time or scams. It was more than I could handle. But I didn't give up, I continued my search.

One day I came across a post by my future mentor Alexandre Gédéon Haba about SOLARGROUP and asked him for information about it. His message said, "You invest $ 100 at the rate of $ 10 per month." I wrote to him, "Your project is very interesting indeed, I wish I had the money. Even $ 10 a month in my case is really hard to find. But if I can register for free, start looking for investors and build my network, then I'm ready." He answered that it was quite possible with SOLARGROUP.

I went to an Internet café, registered and downloaded Gilles Weber's video presentation and some PDF files. I started exploring the platform. I signed the partnership agreement on October 14, 2020. I watched and re-watched videos, read and re-read PDFs. A week later, I contacted my mentor again. I asked him to help me because I didn't have time to keep up with the news on the website. He agreed. That's how I created a discussion group and added my referrals to it.

The products that SOLARGROUP offers will introduce tangible changes to everyday life, that's why I'm a partner. I have met incredible people in this company. We can succeed even in what we ourselves thought was impossible. I've figured out that mutual support is essential for success in partner business.

When I decided to become a partner, I needed to change my daily routine to spend more time with my kids. I used to want to join MLM companies, but I didn't have the money to activate my membership. Besides, I was looking for something unique. And only SOLARGROUP demonstrates this uniqueness.

After doing some research online, I realized that the goal of the project is not only to make a profit, but also to preserve the environment through the use of innovative technology. This is what motivated me to develop my network. At first I spoke to my compatriots, but no one was interested, not even my husband. Then I changed my approach to work. It turned out to be easier with foreigners, at least they don't think long-term investments are a scam.

I started leading two groups and devoting a lot of time to partner business.

For most people, investing in long-term projects involves a lot of risk. It is very difficult to explain to people that with SOLARGROUP we can start cooperating without investing a penny. Here it is clear and transparent what investors put their money into.

A mistake I made was sharing my referral link everywhere. Many people on Facebook think that registering referrals is enough to make money at SOLARGROUP. They don't know that partner work is just like any other job. The right decision I made was to explain how a partner works before registering.

I saw the first results after 1.5 months. I talked to an African for a few minutes and he matter-of-factly bought a $ 100 package. Making $ 15 dollars in a matter of a few minutes was very cool!

I am currently a "Master" making a good living, thanks to SOLARGROUP. I succeeded in becoming an investor. SOLARGROUP is my primary source of income. I'm on the right track! This was made possible with the support of my mentor and the trust of my partners.

My partners tend to be concerned about the time zone change. I always ask them to let me know what kind of help they need. They have many different questions, some require research. I brought my partners together in one place to simplify my tasks.

Some people have trouble understanding. They ask a question, and a few days later they repeat the same question again. Sometimes it can take an hour or more to explain one issue to one person. And so it goes for days.

To achieve good results in partner business, we must help each other. The more motivated your partners are, the more progress you make.

I focused on partner business with SOLARGROUP and quit my main job. I'm more motivated to help my partners and work for myself. And now, with my current income in SOLARGROUP, I don't envy even the government officials.

I am grateful to my mentor because without him I would not be where I am today. He always asks what he can help me with. His help is invaluable!

I will work hard to give my children the maximum possible stake in the project.

The person I admire is Gilles Weber. His determination and the advice he gives help me move forward. Being a "President", he never stops helping his partners. I'm trying to run my business with the same attitude.

Now I can keep a close eye on my children's studies and lives. I can spend more time with my family. My income is higher and my workload is lower than it used to be.

Many thanks to the SOLARGROUP team for the help and support they provide in the back office, for the news shared on the company's official sources.

I am grateful to my partners for their work and feedback, and for their professionalism. I am eternally grateful to the New Caledonia team led by Christophe Person, who works relentlessly. Without all of you, I wouldn't be where I am today. I am grateful to my husband for his unconditional support!