"Sovelmash" engineering business and its potential customers

"Sovelmash" engineering business and its potential customers

• When will you start producing motors?
• Will you produce hub motors?
• When will the plant construction be completed?

These questions about "Sovelmash" come in regularly. They show that not everyone involved in the project understands what kind of business the company does and who its potential customers are. Today we're going to talk about that.

"Sovelmash" is an engineering company whose goal is to commercialize the "Slavyanka" combined winding technology. For this purpose, we are building not exactly a plant, but a design and engineering technology department (D&E), which will earn money by developing innovative electric motors with the "Slavyanka" combined winding, and by putting them into production.

Who are the main future customers of "Sovelmash"?

First of all, those companies that produce induction electric motors or equipment with them and want to have a competitive advantage in the market. Today, electric motors are used everywhere: from housing and agriculture to military and mining industries, transportation and healthcare. And "Sovelmash" will develop its unique product for the enterprises in all these areas. Therefore, the range of the company's potential customers is very wide. Today we have already reached agreements on cooperation with a number of customers, the information about them can't be disclosed due to commercial confidentiality.

What services will the "Sovelmash" D&E provide?

• Develop electric motors with the "Slavyanka" combined winding, which outperform all world counterparts in energy efficiency, power, reliability and do not require hard-to-find rare-earth metals for production.
• Develop and produce means of production, process equipment, plants, tooling for motor manufacturing.
• Be engaged in setting up the production lines for customer's facilities.
• Provide full documentation support for the customer's project: from the design of the future plant to the documentation for the motors to be produced there.

So, let's sum up. "Sovelmash" will produce small batches of motors for individual purposes, but this is an additional line of business. The company's main bet is on development as a much larger and more promising business.

Find out what stage of construction the D&E is at now.