Invest now on beneficial conditions! | History of SOLARGROUP partner Efraín llicahua

Invest now on beneficial conditions! | History of SOLARGROUP partner Efraín llicahua

My name is Efraín llicahua. I am from Peru, Anco-Huallo (Uripa).

I have incomplete higher education, my profession is a chef. At various times I worked as a cook in the kitchen, a painter, an electrician, and a gas fitter. And I had different incomes: 500, 1,000 Peruvian soles a month, sometimes 2,000. This was enough to feed my family and pay for the utilities - water, electricity, Internet, etc.

There was not enough money for a better quality of life. Whether I liked it or not, for a long time I worked as a cook to support my family and help my children get an education. I tried to change something: when I realized that working as a cook was a monotonous job, I decided to study electrical engineering and worked as an electrician, later I studied gas engineering and painting and worked in these fields. I was unhappy with what I was doing, feeling that I was not suited for routine jobs with ridiculous salaries that were only enough to make ends meet.

In 2021, I learned about SOLARGROUP from Amadeo Carrera. I asked him: is there any free project to start with, or an inexpensive one, affordable to me? Then he said to me, "There's something for you, and it's free." I was introduced to the project and said yes. I immediately decided to register and develop the project, creating my own team.

I've always thought about two things: how to stop polluting the environment and how to help other low-income people improve their financial situation. With SOLARGROUP you can do both - it's free, they even give you gifts for it. It also appealed to me that it is a collaborative work based on mutual assistance. I was happy to sign the partnership agreement. I didn't think twice, everything happened quickly. On August 9, 2021, I signed and realized that I would now help the environment, improve the economic situation of people who need that chance, and, naturally, have a good income - for the financial wellbeing of my family as a whole.

The first goal was to create a team of partners who shared the idea of the project and to start climbing the career ladder. I took the first step toward my goal - I invited people, they registered and became partners. We began to build up experience: we learned how to use social media, the back office, etc.

A week later I got my first referral, two months later, if I'm not mistaken, there was a referral who bought an investment package.

The results came about thanks to the seriousness of the cause and the transparency of all processes in the company, as well as my efforts and persistence in finding partners. And I'm also grateful to Amadeo Carrera: he taught me a lot about using social media, for example, how to post using tiered systems to create more traffic.

I bought a $ 250 investment package and then another $ 500 one on a 10-month installment plan. I'm now a "Specialist", and I'm getting ready to go to the "Master" status in 9 months.

I actually had a lot of difficulties, it's not that simple. For example, I was not supported by my wife who did not believe in this type of work, in the project itself. She is a traditionalist and very conservative. My brothers and parents didn't support me either. So, as you might say, I made the decision to go against the wind, to swim against the current. I know that one day I will be successful, and those who disagree with me now will realize that I was right.

I strive to motivate people to become entrepreneurs, to increase their income - and I help them do that to the best of my ability.

Since all my other jobs are temporary, I devote most of my working day to the SOLARGROUP partner business, paying for the packages I purchased with my referral remuneration.

My mentor Amadeo Carrera helps me, and I have the support of the national partner in Peru, Massimiliano Rossini. My team partners and I help each other.

My next goals:

1. Contribute to protecting the environment.
2. Help those in need.
3. Have a very high income and benefit my family.
4. Have a very large and close-knit team, capable of showing resilience in the market over time.

I am inspired by the national leaders, my mentor, the company as a whole, and its mission to preserve the planet.

And I want to say to those who are just getting acquainted with the project: be partners, be entrepreneurs, invest now on the beneficial conditions SOLARGROUP offers.

First and foremost, I thank God and then SOLARGROUP for opening the door for me to new opportunities. I started from scratch and now I have a good income. I thank all the people I know in the company: Massimiliano, Amadeo, who brought me to SOLARGROUP!

Many thanks to all the partners, investors, the whole team, the community, the project participants! I especially want to thank my leader Rosa Pastor, as well as Rayda, Heber Abdías and other partners who believed, believe now and will continue to believe in SOLARGROUP and me personally.