"Slavyanka" based vehicles that impressed in action

"Slavyanka" based vehicles that impressed in action

Electric motors with the "Slavyanka" combined winding have long proved their superiority both in laboratory tests and in actual use. But there are examples of applying the technology in vehicles that are particularly memorable.

"Era" mine electric locomotive

The "Slavyanka" technology increased labour productivity of Donetsk miners by 2 times while reducing energy consumption! In 2013, a combined winding electric motor was installed on the "Era" electric locomotive in Donetsk instead of the regular motor. Before the motor replacement "Era" had towed 5 coal cars, and after the replacement that number increased to 11 cars, including going uphill. The weight of the cargo doubled to 100 tonnes, with the motor maintaining its standard temperature and not overheating.

ZAZ-966 Zaporozhets

The car beat the Tesla electric car and won the Audience Choice Award in the Kiev — Monte Carlo electric car marathon in 2015. The car was modernised using the "Slavyanka" technology exclusively for the race. Zaporozhets crossed 10 countries and travelled a distance of almost 3,000 km without experiencing any problems. It finished fifth in the overall standings and second among the modernised electric cars.

Bajaj Maxima tricycle

The "Slavyanka" based motor helped the tuk-tuk travel about 3,000 kilometres on solar power alone. In 2023, the tricycle by the "Resurs" production cooperative took part in a solar vehicle race across the foothills and desert of Kazakhstan. In 24 days of racing, the motor didn't overheat or fail once, while pulling a vehicle weighing almost half a tonne!

This is not a limit to the potential of the "Slavyanka" technology, and vehicles are just one of the many areas where it is applied. Combined winding motors that "Sovelmash" develops from scratch are even more efficient and reliable. Therefore, investing in our project makes you co-owners of a unique enterprise.