We are extending the deadlines for the contest of video reviews about the project until August 12

We are extending the deadlines for the contest of video reviews about the project until August 12

The videos featuring your reviews about the project have been especially frequently sent to our e-mail in the last days of the contest.

We also see a lot of video content from the SOLARGROUP conference that you share on social media. This content can be used to create a video.

Therefore, we are prolonging the contest of video reviews until August 12 inclusive. You still have an opportunity to share why you are investing in the project "Duyunov's motors" and get up to $ 1,000 to your main account.

This contest is for all the project investors! Here are a few ideas of what to talk about in the video.

• Did you attend the SOLARGROUP conference in Moscow on August 6? Use the content you filmed and add your review of the project.
• Have been investing in the project for a long time? Explain why you trust us and how the project will benefit its participants and the world.
• Have become an investor recently? Share what attracted you to the project and how you see its prospects.

Each participant who meets all the contest conditions will get a cash reward, which can be spent on purchasing the shares.

• Place 1 - $ 1,000,
• Place 2 - $ 900,
• Place 3 - $ 800,
• Place 4 - $ 700,
• Place 5 - $ 600,
• Place 6 - $ 500,
• Place 7 - $ 400,
• Place 8 - $ 300,
• Place 9 - $ 200,
• Place 10 - $ 100.

The rest of the participants - $ 5 each.

Contest conditions: each item is mandatory!

1. Record a video on the subject "Review of the "Duyunov's motors" project" with your face in the frame.

2. Upload the video to www.youtube.com for public access. Specify the following in the subject: Review of the project "Duyunov's motors": Why I invest with SOLARGROUP. Add the #solargroup_feedback hashtag in the description.

3. Post the video on the wall of any of your profiles: on Instagram, Facebook or VKontakte. In VKontakte, pin it at the top of the page until and including August 12.

4. Send an email to konkurs@solargroup.pro with the subject line "Contest" providing the following:

• a link to the YouTube video,
• your first and last names, e-mail with which you are registered in the back office.

5. Please meet the technical requirements for the video:

• duration from 2 to 5 minutes,
• minimum resolution of 720p,
• good lighting and sound.

The videos will be accepted until August 12 inclusive. We'll announce the contest results on August 15.

More about the contest conditions here.

Go for it and be creative! Participate in the contest and increase the number of your investment shares.