Page builder – a novelty for your business

Page builder – a novelty for your business

Running a partner business has never been easier! Now the back office offers "Page Builder" – a tool with which you can create your own info page about the project.

Access to the builder is already open to partners with the "Professional" and "President" status. Very soon the new feature will become available to everyone who has signed the partnership agreement.

What can I do in "Page Builder"?

• Create a partner business card with your details.
• Select the main banner of your page.
• Complete the video and text units.
• Add links to the project's landing pages.
• Edit page content, change the order of units, etc.

The builder automatically creates a page based on the partner's referral code.

"Page Builder" is located in the "For Partners" section, under the "Tools" tab. And it contains instructions on how to create a page.

Try the new feature now – and you will no longer have the question of which page to share with potential participants in the project.