Who is crowdinvesting suitable for?

Who is crowdinvesting suitable for?

Experts usually classify people into different categories, depending on their financial behavior. There are groups of people for whom the issue of personal finance is particularly difficult. We'll show you what personality traits distinguish people from "difficult" groups. But don't get upset if you find these traits in yourself. We believe that there is a solution for everyone, but some people see it right away, while others need time or help to find it.

Today crowdinvesting is one of the most accessible financial tools suitable for everyone, almost without exception. Its main advantage is that there is a level playing field for everyone. For example, you see a project that benefits the planet, you like the idea, you want the project to be implemented, and you invest what you can - eventually you can get something that will change your life. Thus, all the investors of SOLARGROUP will become co-owners of the engineering enterprise. And no matter who they were before - teachers, soldiers, doctors, farmers, engineers - the day will come when every investor will be grateful to him or herself for having made the right decision in time.

Then the question arises: if this project is such a wonderful thing, why aren't all the people with us yet? In addition to those people who just don't know about all their opportunities yet, it turns out that there are those who routinely miss their opportunities. Types that can be included here:

1. A creative irrationalist. Who is that? Most often it's an artist, a performer, a blogger, an author, maybe even a musician. These individuals are distinguished by getting enthusiastic about an idea, then quickly losing interest in it and rarely seeing it through to the end. Whatever creative line of work they pursue, none of it has yet really progressed to a professional level. Why is crowdinvesting right for them? They have no money. And it will not appear in the near future. So they need to generate income by any available means. Crowdinvesting is exactly the way to do it. If someone inspires such a person with the idea at the right time, he or she will be able to invest a small amount of money, and in the future will receive a passive income. Naturally, this person will have time to lose interest in the idea while waiting. But then they will be pleasantly surprised and come up with some interesting slogan for the event: if you do absolutely nothing to make money, then you'll have nothing to create with.

2. A toxic snob. Who is that? Someone who is impossible to please. No matter what phenomenon or project one tries to tell this person about, he or she always knows the phenomenon or project much better - beyond compare! And meanwhile they look down on the opportunities that others enjoy, opportunities pass them by. Why is crowdinvesting right for them? Because it will cost them almost nothing. If someone pitches an idea to this person in time as if he came up with it himself, he'll have a real reason to say he knows the best project. 

3. A rigid personality. Who is that? A very confrontational person. No matter who they work with, they don't feel they are appreciated enough. No matter what project they are told about, their suspiciousness will make them smell a rat. This is someone who writes caustic comments and never misses an opportunity to criticize, finding the slightest flaw in what others are doing and exaggerating its importance. Why is crowdinvesting right for them? It takes a lot of effort to find a flaw in this system. A rigid personality, of course, will. But if someone patient and very friendly explains to this person in time that they have nothing to lose under any scenario, then they will be forever grateful to this person.

4. A scatterbrained intuit. Who is that? Someone who will be especially excited when you tell them about "Duyunov's motors" and SOLARGROUP. What a wonderful project, what a great mission the company pursues, what a scope of opportunities for all the people in the world. After a while you can ask this person: Why didn't you do something? But they have no answer. And it is useless to interrogate further. Why is crowdinvesting right for them? Because a meaningful action has to be performed once. If the circumstances are right, if someone wise enough takes his hand and says "don't think now, just do it," later he will be endlessly amazed at the important decision he made. And he will even find a universal pattern in the events of his life.

The good news is that none of these personality traits are found in their pure form. But each trait can appear in any person under different circumstances. In you, too. In any of us, in fact. Crowdinvesting makes us equal, no matter what characteristics we have. You don't have to be perfect or have any special knowledge to let new opportunities into your life. It is a financial tool that is easier to use today than any other. And if it suits even those who like to complicate their lives, then everyone can try. People are different and assess financial tools in different ways. But we all rejoice in the same way. Having made the right decision in time, after a while each project participant will get the results - a reason to be happy and proud. Even those who are still skeptical of the idea.