Highlights of November

Highlights of November

Spotted an interesting article but didn't have time to read it? Forgot to add a useful link to your favourites - and now can't find it? Found out about updates in the back office, but can't remember which section to look for the right tool in?

Now you have everything important at your fingertips!

November 8. How do I use the "Starter Bonus"? | Partner Work Methodology.

November 11. Summing up the interim results of the project funding.

November 13. Your "Team" is structured | Updates in the back office.

November 16. Your certificate: thank you for participating!

November 17. Why is it important to continue working with your customer after selling a package? | Important for a partner to know.

November 20. How do I earn a profit from the partner program with no skills? | Partner Work Methodology.

November 23. Good luck and lots of coupons: reviews from SOLARGROUP lottery winners.

November 24. What does SOLARGROUP offer you? | Clear business.

November 27. The speakers and topics covered at the final year-end webinar.

November 28. SOLARGROUP's Telegram bot has been updated.

November 29. More support in the back office.

Stay tuned for more good news!