On December 30, the project "Duyunov's motors" goes to funding stage 19!

On December 30, the project "Duyunov's motors" goes to funding stage 19!

December 29 is the last day of stage 18 and the profitable discount on investment shares. Along with the start of stage 19, the price of shares will increase. We provide more details on this here.

Stage 18 lasted throughout the entire year 2023. It's time to sum up its results.

The "Sovelmash" D&E construction: engineering networks and "under-the-hood" of the building

The key task of stage 18 — connecting the utilities — has been largely accomplished. The company's specialists have started preparing the construction completion document.

• All external engineering networks have been completed. The building is supplied with electricity, low-current networks and the Internet, cold water, storm and sanitary sewerage, heating pipes. In order for the utilities to start operating, it only remains to legally formalise them and complete the internal wiring of the engineering networks.

• The landscaping of the area, which began in late spring, is almost entirely complete. Road pavement and vegetation have been restored over the installed pipes. To date, the final layer of asphalt has been installed on the three sides of the D&E. Lawns have been formed and all shrubs have been planted. The site lighting is fully assembled and already functional. Fencing has been installed.

• At stage 18, work started on the interior finishing of the office and amenity complex: painting the walls and ceilings, installing floor tiles, installing wall panels, etc. Now the finishing is more than 70% complete. Workstations have already been set up in some of the rooms.

• Another task of the stage, that is, to fill the building with equipment and put it into operation as soon as possible, has been accomplished. The existing process equipment has been installed, its commissioning is being completed, and the laboratory and other areas are in operation. This will allow "Sovelmash" to start commercial operations as early as possible.

Developments by "Sovelmash"

At stage 18, the specialists of "Sovelmash" worked on the end products, which in the future will generate profits for the company and investors, and on the process equipment needed to manufacture the products. More than 55 R&D projects are now underway for this purpose. Here are just a few results of this endeavour.

• The angle grinder with a "Slavyanka" based universal drive has been made in a finishing housing. It's been tested in the "Sovelmash" laboratory. Product certification is coming up.

• "Sovelmash" has for the first time executed stator grooving in automatic mode on an inhouse-designed and manufactured grooving machine. The stator will be used in the angle grinder.

Practical application of the "Slavyanka" technology

• China launched production of the first batch of "Slavyanka" based motors developed by "Sovelmash".
• The combined winding motors were chosen to be used in trailers by Autoflex Knott Inc.
• Andrey Lobov, CEo of the "Resurs" production cooperative, introduced the potential of the technology to business people, government representatives and universities in different countries: India, Peru, Ecuador, Indonesia and North Macedonia.
• The "Slavyanka" based motor performed very well at Solar Race 2023, a multi-day solar vehicle race in Kazakhstan. The tuk-tuk for the race had been prepared by "Resurs". The motor never once let the team down during the 24 days of driving in difficult conditions, without recharging from the mains.

Development of the project worldwide
• SOLARGROUP opened its national representative offices in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Mali.
• SOLARGROUP International Conference in Moscow and large offline conferences with participation of the company's top managers were held in Côte d'Ivoire, Peru and Ecuador
• SOLARGROUP offices opened in Côte d'Ivoire, Peru and Ecuador.
• The SOLARGROUP delegation, headed by the company's CEO, visited several potential partners of "Sovelmash" in China: a factory producing electric motors and hand-held power tools, and the BAW car factory. It also visited Victor Arestov and ASPP Weihai.

We highlighted the most notable results of the project at stage 18. Beyond those, a lot of other significant things happened: we implemented new features in the back office, updated the mobile app, and held several hundred live and online meetings about the project around the world. The project and "Sovelmash" have been covered in the media many times.

Recall the good things with us and remember that it is most profitable to invest in the project before the stage change and before the discount is reduced. Hurry up and do it before December 29 inclusive!