"Sovelmash" power tools are to be produced here: a tour of the plant

"Sovelmash" power tools are to be produced here: a tour of the plant

One of China's large plants has begun preparations for production of handheld power tools by "Sovelmash".

As a reminder, a company has been established in China that will produce tools by applying "Slavyanka" based electric drives, developed by "Sovelmash". Victor Arestov, the CEO of the recently established company and a partner of "Sovelmash", announced this in his speech at the SOLARGROUP International Conference.

He recently recorded a video in which he gave a tour of the plant, spoke about its facilities and how the production of power tools would be set up.

The video is available here.

The production will start in 2022. Angle grinders and mitre saws will be put in mass production first. Then the production of other power tool types will begin.

"Sovelmash" pursues two forms of cooperation with the Chinese enterprise. Part of the products will be delivered as components from China to Zelenograd, where further assembly will be carried out. These power tools are intended for sale in Russia and CIS countries under the "Sovelmash" brand.

Another part of the products will be supplied to the markets of China and Europe under the brand of the Chinese manufacturer, based on a license agreement with "Sovelmash". The revenues will be used for further development of the company.

"These are the first steps in entering global markets with "Sovelmash" products," Victor Arestov noted.

The decision to start production in China has been taken because now it is more expedient to speed up the process of commercializing the technology without waiting for the construction of the design and engineering technology department to be completed. The Chinese enterprise has all the necessary facilities and equipment.

This contributes to the main goal the "Sovelmash" D&E pursues: to develop and implement a huge number of electric drive types not only for power tools, but also for many other applications.