Everything about the project "Duyunov's motors": selection of materials for newcomers

Everything about the project "Duyunov's motors": selection of materials for newcomers

You are new to the project, want to dig deeper into it and find out the following:

• How and when can you earn profit from investments in the project?

• What is the "Slavyanka" technology and what makes it unique?

• What companies participate in the project?

• Why does the project need investment?

Take advantage of the updated materials we've prepared specially for newcomers - and get answers to key questions about the project. The materials are available in different languages, even if you have not yet registered in the back office.

Video presentations

For those who want to get a general idea of the project and technology in 3-4 minutes. Both presentations provide an interesting and non-boring account of serious things.

• Video clip.

• Animation clip.

The pdf presentation

This format is suitable for those who want to learn about the project in detail and are ready to take their time. The presentation contains the latest information about the project on 22 pages, as well as hyperlinks, by following which you will find even more information.

You can download the presentation by clicking here.

"Knowledge Base" section

We have created a special section in the back office for those who want to understand the project in detail and get answers to specific questions. It contains information about the project and SOLARGROUP, answers to questions in text and video format, as well as video tutorials. There is a keyword search function for headlines.

The "Knowledge Base" section is available in the back office by clicking here.

Other sources of information

• Live broadcasts.

- SOLARGROUP holds regular webinars. You can learn about the project and its news, ask your question and get a detailed answer right away. The broadcasts are held in 12 languages.

- "Sovelmash", in its turn, produces the "Expert Time" program with the creator of the "Slavyanka" technology and project leader Dmitriy Duyunov. The program is broadcast in Russian and will be of interest to everyone who wants to keep up with the construction of the "Sovelmash" D&E and company's news, as well as to ask questions personally to Dmitriy Duyunov.

The schedule of broadcasts is available in the back office by clicking here.

• Technical support

You can always ask your questions to our technical support specialist. The most convenient and fastest way for a user registered in the project is to do it in the online chat of the back office. Other communication channels available to all the users:

- "VKontakte"

- Telegram

- Whatsapp: +7 (495) 646-13-59,

- email support@solargroup.pro.

Use our materials and share them with other investors and partners!