SOLARGROUP events in May

SOLARGROUP events in May

SOLARGROUP regularly holds meetings in different countries. This is a very important part of our work! At the meetings, people learn about our project, the advantages of participating in it, get answers to their questions from experts – and make a decision to invest.

Thus, the events and your participation in them help us to move forward and develop the project together! Our partners from different countries organize meetings and event support.

• 31 meetings were organized and held in May
• 12 countries held live meetings and presentations

And these are the results of only one month! These events bring us more and more new investors and partners.

Live meetings are always full of energy. This is communication of the project participants with each other, meeting the leading partners and investors from different countries, direct questions and detailed answers.

If you want to support the project to the fullest extent possible, if you have questions, be sure to come to the SOLARGROUP meetings and events in your countries and localities. Follow the schedule of events in the back office.

We are looking forward to seeing you!