Foreign guests about the upcoming SOLARGROUP conference

Foreign guests about the upcoming SOLARGROUP conference

On August 6, the SOLARGROUP International Conference will bring together investors and partners from three continents and 23 countries. The event will be the most ambitious in the history of the project in terms of geographic coverage.

We asked the foreign guests what they were expecting from the upcoming event.

Birdi Gulshan Kumar, national partner in India, Nepal, Italy:
"This conference will change the ideas of many people. When I was first at the conference, I knew nothing about the project, there were difficulties, but we found explanations. Now I already know which path to take, and I pass on my confidence in the project to my colleagues and investors."

Massimiliano Vivian Rossini, national partner in Peru and Ecuador:
"The conference is an opportunity for me to establish collaboration with "Sovelmash" and the project partners in order to train engineers from Peru, Ecuador and other countries in our region for service centers, create technology universities and future plants."

Elena Lozada, national partner in Colombia:
"My last trip to Russia was very compelling for Latin American partners, who, seeing that I was in Moscow, bolstered their confidence in the project "Duyunov's motors". 

Ishaku Marley, national partner in Nigeria:
"Talking to my colleagues at the conference will allow me, other investors and partners to build productive relationships and solve problems that need to be solved."

Vadim Jitko, leading partner in Germany:
"I was at the opening of the office in Hamburg. I remember a special sense of elation and mood of being with like-minded people, of feeling the significance of our common cause, of being a part of something very big and important."

Dimitar Dimitrov, national partner in Bulgaria:

"I was at the SOLARGROUP conference in "Technopolis "Moscow" in 2019. I saw how big the project was and how many lives it touched around the world. After events like this, you start making plans to acquire even more shares of this incredible project, which is changing not only the electric motor industry, but also the lives of investors and partners."

Registration for the conference is open here

There are less than 20 available spots left. Hurry up to register!