Want money fast?

Want money fast?

And fast isn't always better. And not just because it's unreliable (although that's also one of the reasons). It turns out that in order to get rich, you have to be ready for a lot of money.

It sounds nice. And what does that mean?

Let's say you dream of waking up and seeing $ 2,000,000 in your account. Win the lottery, get an inheritance, anything, as long as it happens to you out of the blue. And then you risk waking up the next day and seeing $ 1,000,000 or nothing at all in your account. After all, luck is a fickle thing, counting on it alone means having to deal with surprises, either pleasant or not so pleasant. Imagine how sad you would be if you lost your wealth just as quickly as you gained it.

And if wealth comes to you gradually, interesting things like this happen to you:

• Cost optimization. That's what you learn as your income increases gradually. Consistent growth allows you to learn how to plan your budget. You acquire this skill through practice, and it stays with you forever. So you won't be confused or euphoric when you reach your desired level of income.

• Risk management. You'd better learn this first with small sums of money. In order not to panic every time the market situation changes.

• Responsibility. First of all, for yourself. When you become more financially secure, it's likely that you'll have to grapple with less tasks than having only small earnings. But you'll start handling large sums, and more is going to depend on your decisions. That's when it would be better if you had already acquired this skill, managing small amounts of money.

All this does not mean that only the slow path to wealth is good. Getting rich quick is also great! The most important thing is the readiness of your psyche for big money. We know a lot about successful investors, but almost nothing about the thousands of less fortunate ones whose psyche failed to withstand the volatility of the market.

So it doesn't really matter if you achieve sustainable prosperity gradually or fast. You're taking the right steps to do that - participating in the project "Duyunov's motors" and maybe mastering the partner program. So you're already on your way.

Rest assured: if you're with us, everything goes right.