Good news time: your favorite promos stay with you!

Good news time: your favorite promos stay with you!

From July 1 to September 30 there was the second flow of the "Partner Race" and "Business Shark" promotions in the back office, competitive programs for SOLARGROUP partners. It was an impressive round, full of highlights! There were much more participants than in the first round of the challenge, and the final round featured the strongest of them - those who were not afraid to face the challenge, acted actively and now enjoy the well-earned reward. 

The 6 "Business Shark" finalists were able to reach the third category prize and get an Apple Watch and a Business Shark diamond badge. Here are our winners:

• Evgeniy Lavrinov, Russia
• Oleksiy Sapun, Ukraine
• Sergey Zhdanov, Russia
• Nikolay Unguryanu, Russia
• Maxim Zaika, Ukraine
• Sergey Gruzdev, Russia

15 finalists ended up in the second category, with their prizes being a Parker pen and a Business Shark badge. And 31 finalists in the first category won a Business Shark badge. Congratulations to the winners! We are pleased that this time the participants from Russia are leading in the standings. A company's representative will soon get in touch with all the winners to specify the delivery address for the prizes!

In the "Partner Race" promo, our finalist from India succeeded in reaching the "Professional" status! 25 partners became new "Experts" and 132 - new "Masters". The winners got their prizes - a cash reward credited to the partner account and gift investment shares. Partners from 27 countries took part in the promo: Russia, India, Chad, Senegal, Nepal, Vietnam, Benin, Nigeria, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Honduras, Congo, Colombia, France, Côte d'Ivoire, Hungary, Paraguay, Togo, Italy, Belarus, Panama, Indonesia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Papua New Guinea, Austria.

Our congratulations, dear friends! And we remind you that by participating in the promo you most actively contribute to the project implementation and prove to others that everything is possible if you put in some effort.

Do you want to be among the winners of the third round? Don't doubt your abilities and participate! And invite your team partners to participate! The third round of the "Partner Race" and "Business Shark" promotions you've come to love will last from October 1 to December 31, 2022. We'll sum up the results right after the New Year. And we look forward to seeing you in the finals! It is especially enjoyable to get gifts and prizes on New Year's Eve.

The main conditions remain the same - advancement in the challenge is affected by the amount of actual payments on the first level for the "Sharks" and achieving a new status for the "Race" partners.

To make sure all your goals are achievable, there is a promo presentation and answers to questions in the back office, as well as calculation examples and other tips. Check out all the details here and join the game! The earlier and more actively you start, the better your chances of winning! 

So use all of your accumulated experience to collect the most valuable awards. There are still three whole months of promos ahead!