Technologies + business save the world

Technologies + business save the world

During the coronavirus pandemic, when almost everyone was self-isolating, it was the technology that allowed many people to keep working and studying. Technology allows us to get almost everything online. You don't even have to leave your comfortable environment to engage in active sports.

In the state + business tandem, the opportunities are not limited at all. Could previous generations imagine that it would be possible to use state services online? There is no need to waste time and energy waiting in a live queue to collect papers and issue documents. Technologies fight red tape! And one day they will win.

Successful business ecosystems like SOLARGROUP are based on technology. Firstly, we are working hard to launch the "Sovelmash" engineering center, which will certainly affect the world in a beneficial way. We believe in technology! Secondly, technology makes it possible for us to put no restrictions on our employees and partners (well, almost so). Sometimes we are even asked if we have an office. Of course, we do! But our employees and partners don't have to stay in it. Remote work is dozens of times more productive and efficient - proven by experts!

With the help of technologies like "Duyunov's motors", the field of energy and transport is changing - and along with them the environmental situation in the world is changing. Investing in technology means investing in the future. These are not just words. Technology brings people together and helps them weather pandemics, crises, and any undesirable situation. We don't live in a perfect world; life is full of risks. And technology helps to minimize risks.

In addition, introducing, launching, developing, and funding technology means being creative. And this is morally empowering. While something is being destroyed and removed from our lives, we are building something that will stand. We are creating value by opening the door for people to earn profit from technology and gain independence.

Back in 1924, Bruce Barton (congressman, founder of a major advertising agency) said: "The golden age, if it ever comes, will be through the heyday of business." Business based on supporting and promoting technology is your and our path to the Golden Age.