SOLARGROUP has changed my outlook and way of life | Story of partner Zhivko Dimitrov

SOLARGROUP has changed my outlook and way of life | Story of partner Zhivko Dimitrov

My name is Zhivko Dimitrov. I am from Kazanlak, Bulgaria.

I got a high school education and was unemployed. I had a small business that involved preventive maintenance of internal combustion engines and washing car interiors. I made different money every month, on average about 500 euros.

Of course, this money was not enough. I had to limit myself a bit to cover my monthly expenses: consumer bills, food, fuel, consumables. First and foremost, I wanted to invest more in business.

What I was doing gave me great pleasure, especially when the customers left smiling at the job well done and the results achieved. But as with any new business, I have encountered many difficulties that are detrimental to small business. That had been going on for several months until my mother introduced me to a woman who opened up the world of investing to me. Thus a new page of my life began, full of opportunities.

I learned about SOLARGROUP from a friend in September 2018. By then I had been interested in investing for almost a year and had met many new people who dreamed of tackling the chaos and changing their lives. One of those people was my future mentor, Plamen Dimitrov, for which I sincerely thank him. Together with his brother Dimitar Dimitrov (the national representative of SOLARGROUP in Bulgaria), he shared information about the company. Although the information was scarce at the time, I was instantly captivated by the idea and mission of the project. I registered the same day, determined to purchase a $500 investment package and start paying off the installment plan before going to implementation stage 7. I didn't do it because I was in a difficult financial situation at the time. But in December of the same year I started paying installments on a $5,000 package, which I later increased to $7,500, and I have not stopped investing in the company up to now, using the wonderful investment opportunities that SOLARGROUP offers.

I'm not going to stop there! I am impressed and amazed by the company and its mission every day. I've been following the project development for almost four years - and am glad to be part of it, virtually since its inception. I'm watching the project grow and cope with all the challenges it faces, thanks to the experience and professionalism of the entire team. I am impressed by the fact that important decisions that will affect the company and the development of the project are always made here with the good not only of the company, but also of the investors in mind. And as for the mission - what can be better than inviting ordinary people to become part of something global, changing their own lives and the lives of their loved ones, as well as life on earth. We all need this technology and are grateful for the opportunity to have our names written in history - the history of the company and the history of protecting the planet's environment.

At SOLARGROUP I got to know very different people, and that's great. I had the opportunity to meet the company representatives in person, which was a great pleasure for me. In the partner business, I met people from all over my country who share one common aspiration: to help preserve life on earth and at the same time ensure their own financial wellbeing. Thanks to SOLARGROUP for giving us this opportunity.

Initially, when I signed the partnership agreement, I had no goal of building a team because I wasn't sure I could help anyone but myself. I changed my mind when I began to realize the really great potential of bringing people together as a team.

And then I set my first goal to help my loved ones improve their quality of life. I wanted them to learn about SOLARGROUP, the project "Duyunov's motors" and the business opportunities that are open - not just to become an investor, but to become a co-owner of a global-scale enterprise.

I started sharing information about the company and the project on social media. Then I registered my family members and continued to register other people interested in the project.

In the process, I gained more confidence in myself and in what I was doing. I also started reading useful literature that helped me gain experience and find the right approach to people in order to effectively provide information about the company. I really benefited from the work materials presented in the back office. The main mistake I made was spending a lot of time and effort arguing with people who were not going to participate in the project but started saying something objectionable about SOLARGROUP. At first there were many of them, but now they are just a handful. The company's development has sealed their mouths. Of course, sometimes I meet such "know-it-all professors" but I have learned to ignore this type of people.

I've learned from the situations I was in: when one person has a clear vision of what he or she wants to achieve and how, there is bound to be another person who will try to get in the way. Don't let anyone determine your life, distract you from your goals! Be motivated, believe in your abilities, and remember - you are not alone. At SOLARGROUP, we are a community ready to reach out and help anyone who wants to get to the top!

Results may not show up right away. For example, I saw my first results about two months after I'd systematized the information and made it much more accessible to anyone interested in learning more about SOLARGROUP. That's how I got my first partner status with the company. This result gave me confidence and reason to be proud because it was the fruit of my efforts and understanding. Of course, I am grateful to the people who believed in me and joined my team. Thank you!

When I managed to reach the first status, I quickly reached the next status - "Master". Another thing to be proud of is getting recognition from the company. And then I fell into a state that I couldn't get over for a long time. I was putting too much effort into promoting the project, but I stopped growing. I tried for a long time to analyze this, to understand the reason: am I wrong about something myself, or do people simply prefer to believe projects that promise them a quick and easy return (and there were a lot of them at that time)? It's horrible when you observe from the sidelines how other people refuse to build something that will benefit everyone in the world, looking for benefits for themselves only.

I found a way out of this situation when the back office was updated and the "Training" section was created in it. Thanks to the information in this section, I very quickly managed to boost my status to the "Expert" level. For so long I thought this status was an unattainable goal for me! And now I'm getting closer and closer to the next one.

Now I encounter the following difficulties more often: the reluctance of people before and after registration to develop partner business and comply with the agreements. Most people are investing for the first time and are understandably skeptical. Some are embarrassed to talk about it, some are afraid of losing money and the trust of their loved ones if the project does not get implemented.

This was the reason why I've recently created a group (previously I had only used my personal social media profile) into which I added all of my partners in order to update them on the most important events - and to capture most of my tasks in this way. Now it's easier for each partner to introduce their potential customers to the company's activities. In addition, there are a lot of new people in my group interested in the project and investment opportunities.

Most of my time at work is spent spreading the word about the company. I am constantly in touch, by phone and online, trying to systematize information for people and make it as accessible to everyone as possible. I have my own principles that I share with the partners:

1. Be 110% committed to your dreams and goals!!!
2. Be available to your team at all times!
3. It is better to deprive yourself of some pleasures in life now, than to live your whole life in deprivation.
4. Don't let anyone distract you and shift your focus away from your ultimate goal!!!

The more I become acquainted with SOLARGROUP, the more I am impressed by the opportunities it offers. I compare two paths: the freedom to choose where to be, how much and how to work, and the path of the hired employee, with hundreds of hours a month, living a life devoid of the meaning a person needs.

In addition to the partner business, I do one of my previous businesses - car interior washing. I haven't fully reached the level of income I'm aiming for yet, it's ahead of me. Now I have not yet developed my team to the point where this activity becomes the main source of income, I prefer to invest my remuneration in purchasing investment shares - in order to get as many company's shares as possible.

Currently, my income is enough to completely cover my payments on the second investment package that I bought worth $5,000, which means this package will become mine completely free, and that's a kind of success for me! I am putting my efforts into my third investment package, more than the previous two, and trying to significantly increase my current income in the company as a partner.

The man who helped me in everything is Plamen Dimitrov. He helped me register, get verified, and get the basic information I was passing on to people. He showed me the steps to creating a partner structure that he himself uses, that ensure his success. Whenever I needed help related to the project and partners, he would take the time to share his expertise with me, for which I am grateful.

My future goals are to increase my status, to create a huge structure to support the current and future projects of SOLARGROUP.

I am inspired by the idea of being useful to someone and improving my quality of life at the same time, which is what SOLARGROUP does for all of us. This idea of the company motivates me to create something meaningful for myself, for others, and for the world, so that my name can be written forever in the company's history.

Thanks to the partner business and the wonderful people I have met here, I have been able to accumulate experience, gain confidence, and become committed - qualities that until now I was a stranger to. I am proud to achieve each partner status and to have my achievements recognized by the company. Twice I received a thank-you letter for my efforts, gifts - a pen and a T-shirt, and a cash prize for first place in the number of people attracted to the project. I am proud of having achieved getting my second investment package for free - and opening up the opportunity to pay for the next one.

I am grateful to my mentors for providing me with information about this company in a timely manner that has completely changed my outlook and way of life. I am also grateful to SOLARGROUP for the opportunity to be part of making a new story. Now I'm helping save the planet, contributing to the protection of the environment not only where I live. I am also grateful for the opportunity to provide both myself and my descendants with a dignified, meaningful life without deprivation.

I thank each of my partners for trusting me. For supporting the idea and mission of the company. Thank you for giving me a chance to change your life forever, too. I'm glad I know each of you, and I'm happy to see your achievements. Thank you!!!