"Sovelmash" developments: "Slavyanka" based electric motors

"Sovelmash" developments: "Slavyanka" based electric motors

Electric motors relying on the "Slavyanka" combined winding technology have become a trademark of "Sovelmash". The technology increases energy efficiency, reliability of motors increases their service life, reduces production cost, vibration, noise and gives other advantages over classic motors. 

Some "Sovelmash" developments were presented at the "Army-2022" military and technology forum, where they aroused great interest among potential customers. 

1. General-purpose industrial motors 

Among their counterparts, they are distinguished by:

• lower power consumption under real-world operating conditions;
• higher efficiency;
• increased drive torque and starting torque;
• a lower vibration level;
• the ability to withstand high overloads;
• enhanced reliability.

The use of "Sovelmash" motors reduces load on the power grid by reducing inrush currents.

2. Traction motors 

They repeatedly demonstrated high efficiency in laboratory tests and during real operation in vehicles. A distinctive feature of "Sovelmash" traction motors: they are more compact and energy efficient than their conventional winding counterparts. 

3. Hub motor 

"Sovelmash" has developed an induction hub motor, which has a number of advantages over a BLDC hub motor:

• high torque over a wide rpm range;
• high resistance to physical effect;
• availability of components and raw materials from Russian suppliers, since electrical steel and aluminum are used in production instead of rare-earth metals;
• and other benefits. 

It is important to understand: "Sovelmash" engineering company is engaged in the development, not serial production of motors. It will develop motors for most applications at the premises of the design and engineering technology department under construction. 

Potential customers of "Sovelmash" D&E are manufacturers of equipment for housing and public utilities, transport, household appliances, military and other equipment where induction electric motors are used.

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