You need to have absolute confidence in your company | Story of SOLARGROUP partner Kuldeep Singh

You need to have absolute confidence in your company | Story of SOLARGROUP partner Kuldeep Singh

My name is Kuldeep Singh. I am from Jalandhar in the state of Punjab, India. I have a degree in hotel management, which qualifies me for the position of general manager in the hospitality industry. I work as a manager in a hotel. This job brings in 55,000 rupees of income (about $ 650), enough for my family's and my own needs.

I was looking for a good opportunity to earn extra money, and finally God sent me SOLARGROUP. This happened in 2019. A friend called and told me about the company. I studied the materials and started investing, attending Zoom meetings and getting information. Then I started sharing my plans with family and friends. As a partner, I started out on my own, and today I have over 100 people on my team.

As I delved into the project, I saw that the "Slavyanka" technology was really a major innovation in the field of induction motors, and the project, which already had 12 patent certificates, could be described as a large-scale and successful one.

At SOLARGROUP I met Mr. Birdi Gulshan Kumar, a national partner in India. And I was very impressed with the way he worked - with a sincere commitment, a realistic vision and a desire to help. I appreciate and respect that approach!

My family did not immediately understand me. They didn't study the project and weren't willing to listen. But their negative attitude was never a cause for concern, because my vision for the company and the project was very clear. If the opportunity arises, I am willing to work 24/7 for SOLARGROUP! But in the meantime, I also have to do my main job for hire - in the hotel business. At the moment there is no possibility to focus all my efforts on the project solely, and yet I try to do my best.

My goal is to purchase millions of shares and achieve the "President" status. At the moment I am still making my installment payments, I hold the "Master" status, being short of one more "Master" at the lower level of my structure to go to the next status - "Expert".

I am slowly but steadily progressing. My payments are regular, I will continue to do so until I purchase more than 10 million shares. I also continue to tell people about the project whenever I have time off from my main job. As soon as I reach a sufficient level of income in SOLARGROUP (for me it is about $ 1,000 a month), I will work full-time for this company, as long as the back office is functional. I love SOLARGROUP!

I got my first referral remuneration in 2021 and I was very happy. Then I reached the next status - it was a great gift for me. I am grateful to all the company's executives. In particular, to the management team who help us, doing it very politely and with full dedication at all times. When I got the "Master" status, I was immensely proud!

Partner activities have resulted in me clearly defining my goal. I should say that my inviter just introduced me to the company and sent me the link. After registration I didn't get any more support from him. The main people who supported me were Mr. Birdi Gulshan Kumar and Mr. Anand Roy, the leading partner in India.

It's really great that the company has given me the opportunity to reach this level. My personal thanks go to the following people:

• creator of the technology Dmitriy A. Duyunov;
• CEO of SOLARGROUP Sergey Semyonov;
• Commercial Director Pavel Shadskiy;
• Head of Advertising and Public Relations Pavel Filippov.
• head of the national representative office in India Birdi Gulshan Kumar;
• our first Indian "President" Anand Roy.

Over the years, they have all taught us how to work, including through videos in the back office and Zoom workshops. These people gave us their precious time. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to all of the above!

We have a saying: do your best and God will ask you what your ultimate goal is. That's what happened for me. Thanks to the company, I know my goal and strive for it.

There were no particular difficulties in partner business. I think all it takes is being absolutely confident in your company. I am proud to be part of SOLARGROUP. I am proud of my company! Thank you very much.

People who inspire me along the way:

• Dmitriy A. Duyunov
• Birdi Gulshan Kumar
• Anand Roy
• Pavel Filippov
• Myself

The SOLARGROUP team works day and night to provide us with up-to-date news and videos in the back office and at Zoom meetings. Once again, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

And many thanks to all the partners of my structure for their hard work!