SOLARGROUP conference in North Macedonia: the highlights

SOLARGROUP conference in North Macedonia: the highlights

On November 12, SOLARGROUP opened a national representative office in North Macedonia and held its first conference for the country in Skopje.

The event was attended by about 140 people: the most active investors and partners, as well as newcomers.

They were addressed by:

• company's top managers Pavel Filippov and Pavel Shadskiy,
• national partner in North Macedonia Vasko Popovski,
• head of ASPP Weihai Victor Arestov via video link.

National partner in Germany Johann Butschbach and leading partner in Bulgaria Plamen Dimitrov came to support their colleagues.

The conference guests learned the latest project news and funding figures, saw the combined winding motors and the project development results in different countries. Besides, communication with SOLARGROUP's top officials and other project participants was just as valuable.

The company's representatives noted that there were many technical specialists among the conference participants interested in the features and applications of the "Slavyanka" technology.

Several business meetings between the SOLARGROUP delegation and representatives of local businesses and state institutions took place in the framework of the conference. We will give you the details of the meetings later.

It should be added that North Macedonia became the 22nd country in the world where SOLARGROUP'S national representative office has been opened.

The event highlights are collected in a short video and photo album available by following the link.

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