SOLARGROUP conference in India: what the event is memorable for

SOLARGROUP conference in India: what the event is memorable for

On November 19, SOLARGROUP held its offline conference in New Delhi, which was one of the largest events in the history of the project.

The main numbers of the event:
- over 600 guests,
- more than 15 speakers,
- 7 hours of live communication.

India is the country where most of the participants and investors in the project "Duyunov's motors" reside. The conference brought together the most active of them, as well as newcomers interested in investing in the "Slavyanka" technology and "Sovelmash".

What made the conference memorable for its participants?

- Speeches by SOLARGROUP's top managers Sergey Semyonov, Pavel Shadskiy and Pavel Filippov, who briefed the guests on the latest project news, funding figures and the results of the project's development in different countries. As well as the speech by Gulshan Kumar Birdi, national partner of SOLARGROUP in India.

- "Slavyanka" combined winding motors, featured at the booth. As well as the vehicles: the tuk-tuk and the motorcycle, equipped with combined winding motors.

- Speech by the creator of the technology and leader of the project Dmitriy Duyunov.

- Presentations by Victor Arestov, head of ASPP Weihai, and Andrey Lobov, head of the "Resurs" production cooperative. The speakers reported on the novel electric vehicles with "Slavyanka" based motors and the growing demand for the technology in different business areas.

- Presentations by the partners from India, who talked about the environmental and economic situation in the country and explained why India needs the technology.

- New beneficial investment conditions offered by SOLARGROUP to Indian investors. 

Check the conference highlights in the video and photo compilation available here.  

Recording of the event broadcast

To add, the 2022 SOLARGROUP conference tour has ended and will continue in early 2023. Follow our news to find out when the conference will be held in your country!