Equipment delivery to "Sovelmash" D&E | Let there be light on Power Engineer's Day

As we have already announced, on December 21, the delivery of engineering equipment to the construction site, where the "Sovelmash" design and engineering technology department (D&E) is erected, started. Today, the unloading continues, including four transformers delivered to the site, that will ensure the operation of all electrical equipment on the D&E territory. The transformers have different capacities, they will ensure an optimal load on the power supply system, and, importantly, in case of holidays or in the absence of active work, there will be no need to overpay for a large amount of power consumed. This solution will significantly optimize the costs of maintaining the enterprise, including achieving high quality of electricity.

The transformer substation will be located directly inside the D&E building, not far from the high-precision laboratory, which can thus be provided with high-quality and interference-free electricity.

On December 22, the Power Engineer's Day is celebrated, and we sincerely congratulate everyone who can relate to the holiday, we wish you good health and, of course, energy!

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