Overview of construction activities from the start until today | Construction of "Sovelmash" D&E

Today, at the construction site where the design and engineering technology department (D&E) is being built, a large amount of undisclosed work is being performed, as well as a number of activities that cannot be visually shown in a video or photo recording. Nevertheless, the execution of this work is necessary, and its complexity and volume are not less significant than of that carried out earlier. In the meantime, let's remember how the construction process progressed from the start to the present moment.
 By the end of 2020, a modern construction camp with comfortable work and rest conditions is built on the construction site,
 the temporary utilities are connected: water and electricity supply, sewerage,
 the drainage is organized, temporary roads are laid along the site perimeter of the site to facilitate the movement of equipment. A pit is prepared for the building development "spot".
 The foundation site is ready.
 The formwork for subsequent pouring the foundation concrete is prepared, the pit base is heated, including control of the soil temperature and the degree of its thawing. Outdoor lighting is installed on the site.
 The construction of the D&E foundation starts. The concrete bedding is done, the reinforcing frame is bound for the foundations, the foundation for the outdoor transformer substation is installed. The metal structures are delivered, they will form the building frame. 
 MARCH 2021
 Almost all the metal structures for the installation of the D&E building frame are delivered. The preparatory work is carried out to cast the foundations for the innovative center building: the concrete bedding is done, reinforcing frames are installed, formwork is mounted.
 APRIL 2021
 The work is underway on pouring concrete slabs and erecting the foundation "floors". The equipment and motors are transported to the temporary storage premises located on the future D&E territory. 
 MAY 2021
 The work is underway to cast and waterproof the concrete bases, backfill the pit, set the formwork, install the conductors and embedded parts for further foundation concreting. 
 On May 25, 2021 on the "Alabushevo" site in the SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow", a solemn ceremony of burying the "Sovelmash" time capsule is held.
 JUNE 2021
 On June 3, the installation of metal structures starts. 
 Also, the work on backfilling the pit with sand by applying layer-by-layer compaction is in progress; concreting the bases of staircases, dismantling the formwork of previously cast concrete bases and the formwork of staircases is underway, all the foundations are waterproofed.
 JULY 2021
 The following activities are in progress: the installation of metal structures for the load-bearing building frame, the installation of purlins (roofing beams), the layout of profiled sheets on the slabs, the installation of reinforcing frames for the foundations of the office and amenity building (O&A), the installation of frames and formwork for staircases, concreting of column footings with anchor groups for the production building on axis 6, unloading the new batch of metal structures delivered to the site.
 AUGUST 2021
 The work is underway on laying the profiled sheets and installation of metal structures. The installation of the base panels for the production building is nearing completion, the installation of guiding elements to erect the enclosing structures is underway, the installation of the O&A base panels continues. The work starts on connecting the internal utilities, leak testing of the drainage system is done, the binding of reinforcement for the staircases and pouring concrete into the formwork continues, the pit is backfilled with sand by applying layer-by-layer compaction. 
 On August 27, the installation of the last column for the testing and production building is completed.
 The installation of metal structures for the future office and amenity building begins, the formation of staircases is underway - the reinforcement strapping is done, a removable formwork is installed and the preparations for concrete casting begin, the roofing work on the testing and production site starts, the earthwork is well underway - the sewerage system is routed to check individual sections for leaks, a truck with reinforcing mesh and other materials is unloaded to start casting the concrete interfloor slabs and the floor.
 The installation of the D&E metal frame is completed, the permanent formwork made of profiled metal sheet is installed on all the interfloor slabs, the main installation of the basement panels is completed. A site is prepared in the warehouse to accommodate the panels of enclosing structures that are already being stacked. The installation of the formwork for casting concrete staircases is nearing completion in the shafts, the preparatory work (sealing the joints of the profiled sheets) for reinforcing and casting the concrete interfloor slab of the 3rd floor is in progress, the roof is being installed.
 See the chronicle of the "Sovelmash" D&E construction in photos - https://clck.ru/YCNH3 
 A lot of work has been tackled, but there is still a lot to be done, and the immediate and most important goal is to close the thermal circuit of the building before the cold season.
 Given the increased prices, the project needs a more dynamic investment pace. And it's best if it's secured through crowdfunding. Other ways of attracting funds to the project will cause the dilution of shares and reduce the investor benefits. That is why it is imperative now:
 - for the partners to maximize their activities,
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 The success of our project is our shared responsibility. And only together we are able to overcome any challenges!