Results of funding stage 15 of the project "Duyunov's motors" in figures

On May 20, a new project funding stage - stage 16 - starts. It's time to turn to the statistics and calculate how far the project has progressed from the beginning of 2021 to the present moment. 
 Project investors and participants 
 At stage 15, almost 24,000 new registered participants have joined the project. The increase is more than 8 %, currently there are more than 306,700 people in the project. Among the new participants, more than 3,800 people have invested in the "Slavyanka" technology. In total, over 6,200 new investment packages have been purchased.
 Which countries invest the most in the project?
 The undisputed leader by the number of registered participants since the project start, just as before, is Russia, followed by India and Vietnam. 
 But in terms of the total number of investors, India has outperformed Russia! Interestingly, the middle of the top ten is taken by African countries — thanks to the successful work of our national representative offices.
  Partner performance results 
 The implementation of the planned funding pace and the growth of the project's popularity in the world have been made possible largely due to the active work of SOLARGROUP's partners, with their number having increased by 700 people at stage 15. Hundreds of online and offline events have been held around the world by efforts of the partners and the company:
 more than 200 webinars in 11 languages, the participants received comprehensive information about the project and partner business;
 more than 50 live meetings: from presentations for small groups to large conferences (for example, in India, the events gathered the audience of 100-200 people).
 The development of the project in Africa has been particularly notable at stage 15. On this continent, 3 national representative offices of SOLARGROUP were opened at once: in Cameroon and Burkina Faso (with Gilles Weber as the national partner), as well as in Nigeria (with Ishaku Marley as the national partner).
 Content about the project 
 During the first three months of 2021, SOLARGROUP and "Sovelmash" carried out a significant amount of work to cover the activities of the project. More than 130 text news articles were posted with translations into 18 languages. Over 30 videos were filmed. More than 150 newsletters were sent. This daily and not always obvious work ensures the project's progress.
 There are just over 5 out of 20 stages left before the project funding is completed, and anyone interested still has the opportunity to purchase investment shares at a much lower cost than it will be, for example, after the construction of the "Sovelmash" D&E is finished.

The best time to invest is at the current stage 15, until May 19, 23:59 Moscow time. The highest discount which will decrease after the stage change is valid until this time. Follow the link to estimate the difference between the discounts for different stages -  
 Hurry up to become an investor in the project, just like more than 37 thousand people from all over the world have already done!