New concept of energy saving in China and the role of the "Slavyanka" technology: conference in Weihai

These days, China's Weihai city district is hosting a conference with the representatives from 63 plants producing electric motors. The event aims to discuss the new Chinese governmental regulations adopted in 2020, which restrict the use of IE3 efficiency class motors and prohibit the use of motors of efficiency classes IE1 and IE2 in the country. 
 These measures present significant difficulties for manufacturers, as energy-efficient motors of class IE4 and higher are larger and heavier than motors of lower classes. Many plants are facing shutdown and bankruptcy. Manufacturers will have to use either more expensive and larger motors that require additional control units, or find a new technological solution. 
 The "Slavyanka" technology could become such a solution. The combined winding motors that will be developed in the "Sovelmash" design and engineering technology department comply with the energy efficiency class IE3 and higher, while the weight and dimensions do not increase, the cost of motors does not increase. Obviously, the "Slavyanka" technology is the best solution for motor manufacturers. 
 It is important to note that about 50% of all motors in the world operate in China. Besides, electric motors are the main consumers of electrical energy on the planet. Therefore, the "Slavyanka" technology, if widely applied, is able to significantly reduce energy consumption on a global scale.
 In China, the potential of combined winding motors has long been appreciated. There is a good reason why the government of the country supports ASPP Weihai, which is engaged in modernization of motors by applying the "Slavyanka" technology under license. The head of the company and partner of "Sovelmash" Victor Arestov has repeatedly said that his main goal is to find customers for the D&E. In the light of changes in the Chinese legislation, many manufacturers of electric motors in China may become the customers of "Sovelmash". Other countries are also concerned about energy saving, the current trend predicts that over time the whole world will switch to the new standards. 
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