Interaction with the potential customers of "Sovelmash" | Questions & Answers

Dmitriy Alexandrovich Duyunov: "Oral agreements should be carried out more meticulously than written ones, otherwise, you won't be trusted!"
 A question about interaction with potential customers of the "Sovelmash" project has been submitted to the "Q&A" section. 
 Dmitriy Alexandrovich Duyunov gives the following answer:
 "We have been working fruitfully with the customers, with some of them - since 2009, 2011. This work did not stop, but it entered a new stage. This process is not instantaneous, it develops dynamically, and as the project progresses, the momentum picks up. The number of contacts is increasing, the negotiations are becoming more substantive and intense, and a number of requirements for manufacturing equipment are being clarified. The project is not a thing in itself, it will ultimately affect a lot of people. For example, we agree with a potential customer to make a certain product, i.e. this item will be produced, therefore this process will set the financial flows in motion, lead to a redistribution in the market of labour, raw materials, equipment, etc. As a result, new products based on our technology will appear in the market. The results of the negotiations, I think, will eventually be known." 
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