Bulgaria: results of SOLARGROUP conference

In the autumn of 2019, SOLARGROUP opened a national representative office in Bulgaria and organized an international offline conference to celebrate that. The event gave a new impetus to the development and funding of the project "Duyunov's motors" in the country. This is confirmed by the statistics of SOLARGROUP. After the opening of the national representative office, Bulgaria is a home to:
 1,300 project participants;
 600 investors who have invested more than $ 2,000,000 in the project;
 400 partners. 
 Such results were made possible thanks to the work of the national partner Dimitar Dimitrov and the leading partners in Bulgaria: Plamen Dimitrov, Boris Mochev, Nedelin Marinov, Hristo Toshkov, Jivko Dimitrov, Roumiana Petrova, Dimitar Karbanov.
 The results of almost two years of SOLARGROUP's work in Bulgaria were announced at the offline conference held on July 10 in Plovdiv. The participants of the event included people interested in the project, investors and partners of the company. They received comprehensive information about the project and answers to their questions first-hand.
 Commercial director at SOLARGROUP Pavel Shadskiy personally attended the conference. He presented the company, told about the opportunities of partner business and the company's plans for its development. 
 Head of advertising and public relations Pavel Filippov spoke via a video conference. He recalled the key events in the history of the project development and reported the latest news from the "Sovelmash" construction site. 
 Viktor Arestov, CEO of ASPP Weihai, also addressed the audience via a video conference. The partner of "Sovelmash" told about the advantages and prospects of using the "Slavyanka" technology, as well as about his current transport projects with Duyunov's motors. 
 The guests of the event were shown:
 the Project 404 electric motorcycle enhanced by the project partner from Bulgaria Daniel Antov by installing a DA-90S motor on it, modernized by applying the "Slavyanka" technology in ASPP Weihai;
 combined winding electric motor DA-90S. 
 The event was streamed online and can be accessed by clicking here - https://youtu.be/KAJoSdhQLGc
 Share it with your friends and colleagues in Bulgaria, so they too can learn about the opportunities that SOLARGROUP and the project "Duyunov's motors" offer them.