Week results in the project "Duyunov's motors"

The main events of the project are currently unfolding at the "Sovelmash" construction site in "Technopolis "Moscow". You can watch the video reports from the construction site almost daily. 
 To recap, currently the metal frame for the future walls and floors of the design and engineering technology department is being erected, and the backfill of the foundation in some areas is being completed. 
 Last week, it became known that the equipment for the automated production line ordered in China is fully ready for shipment to Zelenograd. This was announced by the company's partner Victor Arestov, who, while being in China, had supervised the preparation of the equipment. 
 At the leased premises of "Sovelmash", everything possible is being done in order to bring closer the day of commissioning the D&E. The preparation of the premises for the production line is being completed there. After the equipment is installed and debugged, the process of setting up the methodology for this line, training the personnel for operating it, creating programs and the necessary tooling, production of motor prototypes will begin. It will be possible to produce small batches of electric motors of up to 12,000 units, depending on the demand. Subsequently, the automated line will be relocated to the D&E territory.