The project "Duyunov's motors": 2021 in numbers

What was 2021 memorable for in the project "Duyunov's motors"? How much progress have we made? The main events of the year that took place in the project are collected in the presentation available here  
 In addition, we have summed up the results of the year in numbers and are sharing the statistics with you. 
 + 1 patent. "Sovelmash" passed state registration of the patent for the principle of split combined winding. The invention increases the reliability of a motor, allows it to be controlled more variably, reduces the load on the power supply system, and provides other advantages. 
 + 2 investment stages. In 2021, the project completed funding stages 15 and 16 out of the 20 planned ones. 4/5 of our way is behind us. 
 + 8 national representative offices. SOLARGROUP opened representative offices and held conferences in Nigeria, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Nepal, Italy, Peru, Ecuador and Russia. Now there are 20 countries with national representative offices on the world map. The vast majority of the project's investors live in them.
 + 204 days. This is how long the active construction phase of the "Sovelmash" design and engineering technology department has lasted. Over this time, the foundation was completed, the metal frame of the building was erected, several hundred cubic meters of concrete were poured into staircases, elevator shafts and interfloor slabs, a significant part of the roof and interior walls was installed, and many other tasks were completed. 
 + 9,995 partners. This is how many people signed the partnership agreement with SOLARGROUP in the back office. Of these, there are 8,937 partners with income. Each of these SOLARGROUP partners invited at least one new investor to the project, which means bringing the implementation of our common goal closer. 
 + 10,780 investors. The increase over the year amounted to about a quarter of the total number of investors. To date, about 44,500 people have invested in the project "Duyunov's motors".
 + 69,665 participants. This is the number of people who registered in the project's back office in 2021. In total, more than 350,000 people from 197 countries are registered in the project. 
 What do the statistics say? 
 • This year the implementation of our common dream has started in iron and concrete! It is a joy to see how fast the "Sovelmash" D&E is growing. And we all began to understand construction a little better. 
 • The project geography continues to expand. 8 new national representative offices in a year is SOLARGROUP's record high of the project's 4-year existence. 
 • The level of project funding remains stable. The same amount of investments was attracted as in the previous year. The total amount of funds attracted to the project is about $ 40 million. Both newcomers and people who believed in it earlier are actively investing: they see that their money is being spent as intended, and the project is being implemented consistently. 
 Along with the year, project funding stage 16 is also being completed. December 30 is the last day when you can invest at high discounts within the framework of the special offers. Check out the offers if you haven't done it yet. Information about them is available here