Week results in the project "Duyunov's motors"

The most significant events of the past week in the project "Duyunov's motors" took place at the "Sovelmash" construction site. 
 On December 21, a new stage in the construction of the design and engineering technology department started. Engineering equipment is being delivered to the site, thanks to which hot and cold water supply will be connected to the D&E. 
 On December 22, four transformers of different capacities were delivered. They will ensure the operation of all electrical equipment on the D&E territory and the optimal load on the power supply system. The transformers will help optimize electricity consumption and achieve the high quality of power needed for the "Sovelmash" high-precision laboratory.
 On December 23, calorifiers were delivered. These units are used in ventilation systems or in air heating. They will provide the "Sovelmash" innovative center with warm air.
 The supply of engineering equipment for the building was made possible because it had been purchased on time, before the price surge. 
 Despite the severe frosts, the builders carried out the planned activities: the construction of the firebreak, preparations for concrete casting, installation of the interior walls and others. In addition, the inter-wall panels were delivered to the site.