Week results in the project "Duyunov's motors"


At the construction site where the "Sovelmash" D&E is built, work proceeded routinely during the past week: the casting of staircases and the pouring of concrete for the elevator shafts continued, preparations were made for casting the second-floor interfloor slabs, and many other activities were underway too.
 Last week, two major events in the project were announced at once.
 - On November 27, the opening of SOLARGROUP's national representative office in Ecuador will take place. SOLARGROUP's top managers will take part in the conference dedicated to this event via a video link: head of advertising and public relations Pavel Filippov and commercial director Pavel Shadskiy. The company's national representative in Peru and Ecuador, Massimiliano Vivian Rossini, will personally participate in the event. He will be joined by the leading project partners in Ecuador - Víctor Raul Acosta Alvarado and Martha Eduvijes Crespin Calderón. The conference participants will get all the necessary information about the project, learn the latest news and get access to profitable investment conditions. 
 - On December 4, SOLARGROUP will hold an online conference dedicated to the results of the year in the project. Exclusive information, interesting speakers and important announcements lie in store for you: the conference will be held in a new studio format. The event will be attended by the most interesting and long-awaited speakers, including Sergey Semyonov, General Director of SOLARGROUP, Victor Arestov, head of ASPP Weihai Technology, and Andrey Lobov, the representative of "STIIN". 
 The event will be broadcast online in Russian with translation into English, French, German, Croatian, Hungarian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Italian, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Hindi.
 Register for the conference by following the link  https://wep.wf/q0po9a
 In the online broadcast, you will learn about the achievements of the project and SOLARGROUP in 2021, see reports from the construction site and from the territory of "Sovelmash", get answers to your questions from the speakers. The conditions of beneficial offers for investors will also be announced.
 The special offer to increase investment packages has been launched in the project. Only those investors who have not yet completed their installment plan payments on the package can use it. The offer is valid until November 30 inclusive. Find out more here https://reg.solargroup.pro/en/site/newsinfo/2052?f=1  
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