Increase your package until November 30: special offer for those who pay in installments

The construction of the "Sovelmash" engineering center is progressing intensively. The main task now is to close the contour of the building before cold weather hits. To complete this task, it is necessary to increase the pace of funding. We are launching a special offer that will ensure the construction progress and allow the investors to increase their shares in the project on beneficial conditions. 
 Paying for an investment package in installments? Increase it to a package of any denomination on the purchase terms. The offer is valid until November 30 inclusive. 
 We'll explain what benefits it offers.
 You purchased a $ 2,000 package in installments at project funding stage 12 and continue paying for it. As part of the offer, you'll increase your package to a $ 5,000 nominal value at stage 12 discount. This is much more profitable than buying a new package at stage 16 discount. 
 Terms of the offer
- Only those investors who have not yet completed the installment payment for the investment package can use the offer.
- To increase the package, you may need to add the missing funds. Let's say you've purchased a $ 500 investment package and made 3 payments for a total amount of $ 150. Now you want to increase your package to $ 2,000 through a 20-month installment plan. Then the deposited $ 150 will not be enough to make two payments in the amount of $ 200 for the new package. You will need to pay another $ 50 to increase the package.
- If the next installment payment is due at the time of the package increase, you must first make the installment payment. Make sure there are enough funds on the main account in the back office.
- After increasing the package, all the funds that have been transferred by you earlier to make installment payments will be deposited to pay for the new increased package. A new schedule of monthly payments will be drawn up.

 To use the offer, contact the technical support service of the project via the back office online chat or by e-mail — 
 In the request, specify the following:

- your back office account e-mail,
- which package you want to increase,
- the nominal value of the increased package and the desired number of months in the installment plan for it.

 Upon your request, an application for a package increase will be created. It will be completed within 5 working days. Contact technical support in advance to have time to increase your package within the offer validity period!