Week results in the project "Duyunov's motors"

Last week, work was well underway on all fronts at the "Sovelmash" construction site: 
 the staircases and elevator shafts were cast in concrete; 
 the roofing work was carried out; 
 preparations for casting concrete interfloor slabs for the 3rd floor continued, including the assembly and installation of the concrete supply station;
 the removable formwork was assembled and disassembled;
 backfilling of sand with layer-by-layer compaction was underway.
 Now the main efforts of the builders and the resources of "Sovelmash" are directed at closing the building contour before the cold season.
 The automated production line has almost completely been installed on the leased premises of the company in the Research Institute of Precision Machine Manufacturing in Zelenograd: the machines are in place, the equipment is being connected and fine-tuned.
 "Sovelmash" sent an appeal to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation M.V. Mishustin with a proposal to include the company in the implementation of the Concept for developing the production of electric vehicles. This Concept was approved by the Russian Government in August this year. Soon "Sovelmash" received a response from the Deputy Director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering for the Fuel and Energy Complex, D.V. Klapovskiy, with a request to provide more detailed information about the induction motors with "Slavyanka" by October 22. 
 For more information about how participation in implementing the Concept of electric transport development can be useful for "Sovelmash", follow the link 
 A new feature has appeared in the project's back office. Now you can share the online broadcast of any webinar with your subscribers in Facebook, YouTube and VKontakte accounts in a few clicks. This is a great tool to promote the project!
 Learn more about how to use it by following the link https://reg.solargroup.pro/en/site/newsinfo/2030?f=1 
 The VIP investors of the project will be able to personally see how the "Sovelmash" engineering center is being built. This was announced last week. Those who invest $ 50,000 or more in the project will receive a paid trip to the construction site in Moscow and the opportunity to meet the representatives of "Sovelmash" and SOLARGROUP. 
 SOLARGROUP will facilitate organizing the visit, obtaining a visa and will cover the flight, transfer and accommodation costs.
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