Including "Sovelmash" in the implementation of the development plan for producing electric vehicles in Russia

In August this year, the Russian Government approved the Concept for Developing Electric Transport Production. In accordance with the Order No. 2290-r approved by the Prime Minister M.V. Mishustin, by 2024 it is planned to produce at least 25 thousand electric vehicles in Russia and open more than 9 thousand charging stations for them. 
 The document sets out the top-priority tasks for the emerging industry, including the development of the production facilities, expanding technological competence, introduction of fundamentally new products to the market and creation of modern engineering and transport infrastructure.
 A fragment from the introductory speech of M.V. Mishustin at an operational meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers:
 "A number of states have already declared their desire to abandon transport with internal combustion engines. Clearly, electric cars or cars that run on more environmentally friendly power units are the future. And we also need to actively develop this area. All the more so because the country already has a number of competencies.
 We expect that the implementation of the ideas and solutions incorporated in the concept will allow us to establish our own industry producing electric vehicles. To attract private investments and create about 40,000 high-performance jobs along the entire technological flow - from electrochemistry to the production of electricity powered vehicles."
 You can view the Order here: 
 In order to develop the project and realizing the importance of its presence on the global market, a letter was sent from "Sovelmash" to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation M.V. Mishustin with a proposal to include "Sovelmash" in the implementation of the development plan for producing electric vehicles and inviting the representatives of the Russian government to visit the company in Zelenograd.
 Soon we received a response from the Deputy Director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering for the Fuel and Energy Complex, D.V. Klapovskiy, with a request to provide more detailed information: "In order to fully consider the appeal, we ask you to provide detailed information on the proposed induction motors. We ask you to send the requested information to the Department by October 22, 2021 in accordance with the established procedure...".
 At the moment, "Sovelmash" is preparing a package of documents in response to the requested information.
 Thanks to participation in the development plan for production and use of electric cars, "Sovelmash" will not only be able to make a large-scale statement, but, according to the above document, in the future it will receive subsidies for co-financing the costs associated with the construction of plants, as well as special investment contracts (SPIC).