Week results in the project "Duyunov's motors"

At the construction site where the "Sovelmash" design and engineering technology department is being built, the next construction stage continues after completing the installation of the metal structures. Last week, the installation of the reinforcement frame for the subsequent concrete casting for the interfloor slab started on the third floor. Since the area is large, you can not cast it in one approach, the process will be carried out in fragments (so-called maps). Three maps are planned to be cast next week. 

As soon as the casting of the interfloor slab on the third floor is completed, it will be possible to begin fireproofing the metal structures, and then - to mount the enclosing structures to close the contour of the building. Currently, the panels of the enclosing structures are already being delivered to the construction site. 

The construction is proceeding at the pace that the funding enables, however, Dmitriy Duyunov in the last episode of the "Expert Time" program called this pace insufficient. It is extremely important to close the circuit of the building before the cold weather, so the investors need to make timely installment payments, and the partners need to accelerate their activities.   

On the leased premises of "Sovelmash", the work continued last week to connect the equipment for the automatic production line delivered from China. Also, the company's specialists are working on the tasks to finalize the tooling. 

On October 02, SOLARGROUP opened a national representative office in Peru: the first one in Latin America. To celebrate this event, the offline conference was organized in Lima, the capital of the country. It was personally attended by: head of advertising and public relations Pavel Filippov, commercial director Pavel Shadskiy, national partner in Peru Massimiliano Vivian Rossini. We will tell you more about the conference in the coming days. 

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