Week results in the project "Duyunov's motors"

The main news of the week in the project: the installation of the metal frame for the "Sovelmash" D&E has been completed. It took less than 4 months for the specialists of the subcontractor Astron to build it. 
 Besides, the installation of the building basement panels, the laying of profiled sheets and waterproofing for casting the interfloor slabs have been completed. The next step is to mount the reinforcement mesh and install the frames for pouring concrete. Some more construction activities are also underway. Everything possible is being done to close the thermal circuit of the building before the cold weather. 
 The news story "Sovelmash" VS Tesla" was published in Zelenograd district newspaper "41". The publication reports on the questionable Tesla authorship of the heat pump development for heating the interior of electric cars. However, eight years earlier, this invention was patented by "ASiPP".
 The electronic version of the publication is available here https://id41.ru/upload/iblock/34e/34_sborka_web.pdf , on page 12. 
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