News from the "Sovelmash" construction site: installation of the D&E metal frame has been completed

A significant construction stage has been completed: the metal frame of the entire design and engineering technology department building has been completely installed. The first girder of the metal frame was installed in early June. In less than 4 months, the builders completely assembled the testing and production and the office and household buildings, as well as the D&E storage facilities. To recap, the production and installation of metal structures were carried out by Astron, the construction subcontractor. 
 However, this is not the only interim result of the construction work. 
- Installation of profiled sheets and waterproofing to form interfloor ceilings is about to be completed. After that, the reinforcement mesh will be mounted, the frames will be installed and the pouring of concrete floors will begin. 
- The installation of the building basement panels has been completed.
 Besides, the roof work, construction of concrete staircases and elevator shafts as well as connecting internal utilities are underway. 
 The construction activities are progressing as planned. Before the onset of cold weather, it is necessary to complete the most important stage: close the thermal circuit of the building. Its implementation largely depends on the timely receipt of investments. By purchasing investment shares in the project, you thereby support the construction of the "Sovelmash" engineering center, where electric motors will be developed by applying the unique "Slavyanka" technology. And you are also bringing closer the time when the project investors will be able to get dividends from the company's activities.