Equipment for the automated production line has been delivered to "Sovelmash" ⠀

We are happy to inform all the project participants of the good news! On September 11, the equipment purchased in China to set up the automated line for the production of electric motors was dlivered to the leased premises of "Sovelmash" in Zelenograd. 
 The automated line is necessary for testing the entire technological production workflow for electric rotating machines. This, in turn, is one of the tasks for achieving the project goal: commercialization of the "Slavyanka" technology through development of electric motors. We wrote more about this here - 
 To recap, the production line equipment comprises a number of machines, namely:
 1. a machine for insulating slots of electric motor stators;
 2. an automated machine for winding coil groups of electric motor stators;
 3. a machine for retracting winding coils into the slots of electric motor stators;
 4. machines for forming the frontal parts of winding:
 - a machine for flaring the frontal parts,
 - an intermediate molding machine,
 - a final molding machine;
 5. a machine for banding and binding the frontal parts of stator winding.
 New premises were leased and renovated for the equipment. After installing the production line, the premises are to be used for training the specialists who will daily operate the new equipment. Here the work methodologies will be elaborated, programs created, equipment optimized, debugged, necessary tooling created, motor prototypes produced, including small batches, which will clearly demonstrate the capabilities of automated production for certain motor models by applying the combined winding technology "Slavyanka". 
 The purchased equipment will make it possible to produce motors of energy efficiency classes IE3 and IE4 in the weight and dimensions of energy efficiency class IE1 motors. This is especially relevant in view of the requirements for energy efficiency of technical devices in Russia and the EU.
 The work performed in this direction by the "Sovelmash" specialists will make it possible to reach the operating capacities in the shortest possible time after the D&E is put into operation.