Equipment to create the automated production line for motors with "Slavyanka" has been delivered to Moscow

Despite the delivery difficulties, including the restrictions associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, the equipment for the "Sovelmash" design and engineering technology department (D&E) arrived in Moscow and will soon be delivered to the company's leased premises in Zelenograd.
 As we have stated in previous posts, this equipment for the "Sovelmash" production line consists of a number of units, namely:
 1. a machine for insulating slots of electric motor stators;
 2. an automated machine for winding coil groups of electric motor stators;
 3. machines for retracting winding coils into the slots of electric motor stators;
 4. machines for forming the frontal parts of winding:
 machine for flaring the frontal parts, 
 intermediate molding machine, 
 final molding machine; 
 5. a machine for banding and binding the frontal parts of stator winding.

 This equipment will make it possible to create a production line for electric motors; among other things, this equipment will be capable of producing motors of energy efficiency class IE3 and IE4 with the mass dimensions of energy efficiency class IE1 motors, which is especially important in view of the requirements for energy efficiency of technical devices in Russia and the EU.
 Commercialization of the "Slavyanka" technology through motor development is a complex product that includes: preparation of the terms of reference, creation of a motor prototype, testing, automated production of a small-scale pilot batch, installation of equipment for mass production at the customer's site, equipment adjustment, preparation of necessary tooling for specific motor dimensions, etc.
 The purchased equipment is necessary precisely for testing the entire technological workflow of producing electric rotating machines. As a result, a potential customer will receive a ready-made and well-established automated production line capable of producing serial batches of motors.
 All the processes in the company, including those related to the D&E construction, are proceeding in accordance with the plan. Of course, real life makes its adjustments, but any large-scale project at different stages of its development undergoes certain difficulties that unite and make the team even stronger and more solid. 
 Thank you for being with us! It's time to consolidate your position by purchasing a new investment package in the project!