Standard UShM and UShM with "Slavyanka": comparing the noise level and cutting speed

"Sovelmash" compared two angle grinders: a standard one by "INTERSKOL" with a commutator motor and the same UShM by "INTERSKOL", but with a replaced electric motor developed by "Sovelmash" by applying the combined winding "Slavyanka" technology.

The test was carried out under the same conditions: the same material was used for cutting, the same size disc was used for cutting. The "Slavyanka" assembly version of the angle grinder has a slower disc rotation speed than the standard UShM, but despite this, the cutting speed of "Slavyanka" is higher. 

Also, the test revealed that the "Slavyanka" based angle grinder operates more smoothly than the standard motor machine, and the noise level of the "Slavyanka" based grinder is much lower.

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