Zelenograd district newspaper "41" about the history of "Sovelmash" and D&E construction

Zelenograd newspaper "41" is significant for "Sovelmash", because it was at the origins of the project. Back in the distant '94, the newspaper "41" published an article by A. Sherstyuk about professor N.V. Yalovega "The Righteous Fury of a Real Scientist". Dmitriy Duyunov became interested in the article and met Nikolay Yalovega, the author of the scheme for electric motor combined winding presented in the article, after which he continued working in this direction independently. 
 On July 16, 2021, the same newspaper published an article titled "When the Impossible Becomes Possible" in the "Year of Science and Technology" column, telling about the "Sovelmash" project and the construction of the design and engineering technology department at the Alabushevo site. The article also contains a short interview with Dmitriy Alexandrovich Duyunov.
 The author of the article, Ivan Lazarevich, visited "Sovelmash", where he was able to communicate with the company's management, see the leased premises, get acquainted with the project capacities, both on the territory of the leased premises at the Research Institute of Precision Machine Manufacturing (NIITM), and at the construction site in Alabushevo. 
 You can find the publication on page 9 of issue 27 by following the link:
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