Explore your benefits: guide on all the project offers

Until December 30 inclusive is the best time to invest in the project "Duyunov's motors". Various special offers are in effect now. All information about them can be found in the "Promo Offers" section of the back office here https://reg.solargroup.pro/en/promo/materials 
You will definitely find the offer that benefits you. And we will help you navigate. 
For those who have fully paid the investment package 
• Offer "New package at the discount of the old one". This is an opportunity to buy any other package of shares at a discount of the already paid one. It's especially beneficial for those who began investing in the project at the early stages. 
• The "Double Payment" option. You get bonus shares by making the first two monthly installment payments at once when you buy a new package. 
For those who are paying in installments
• The "Increase your package at the active installment discount" offer. It allows you to increase the package paid for in installments to a larger denomination package. 
• A 5% bonus for timely installment payments. Make installment payments without a single day overdue and receive bonus investment shares equal to 5% of their total number in the purchased package. 
• Early Repayment. If you make several monthly installment payments at once, you will receive bonus investment shares. 
For those whose installment plan has been cancelled
Offer "Restoring a cancelled installment plan" Thanks to it you can easily restore your installment plan in the back office by making just one monthly payment. 
For those who have the promo code
You can use a 5% discount on the first payment when purchasing a new investment package. You could get the promo code when you registered for the project's online conference, that took place on December 4. If you do not have the promo code, ask your invitor, other partners or investors in the project chat to share it. 
 For those who invest for the first time
Use the 5% discount promo code when purchasing an investment package. Your benefit will also increase with the "Double Payment" option. If you make two monthly installment payments at once, you will get bonus shares. 
For all the project participants 
"Gift to a friend" offer. Invite your friend to the project. After he or she registers in the back office, both you and your friend will get 200 investment shares. 
Terms of different offers can be combined, so it is better to use several of them at once. Some offers are only valid until December 30, 23:59 Moscow time. Hurry up!