"Gift to a Friend": get up to 20,000 shares only until the end of stage 16

The "Gift to a Friend" option is in effect in the project "Duyunov's motors". According to it, the company gives investment shares to the participant whose invitation is used in the back office to register a new user, and to the person the participant invites. 
At project funding stage 16, we have doubled the benefit of the option: 

 • the number of gift shares has increased from 100 to 200 — that's how much the giver and the invitee will receive;
 • the number of friends you can invite during the month has doubled from 50 to 100.
Thus, you can get up to 20,000 shares per month by inviting your friends to the project. 
ATTENTION! The updated conditions are valid only until the end of stage 16, that is, until December 15 inclusive. After going to funding stage 17, the number of gift shares will decrease by half and become the same. 
Our statistics demonstrate that the offer has prompted an active response from the project participants and attracted new investors. Every fifth person who received the gift eventually invested in the project! Therefore, "Gift to a Friend" is an effective tool for partners who promote the project. 
We'll remind you how to use the option
 • Click the "Get a gift" button on the Main page of the back office. Or go to the "For Partners" section, the "Make a Gift" subsection. 
 • Fill out the form specifying your friend's details. Please note that only a person who is not registered in the project can receive the gift.
 • A notification with the registration link will be sent to your friend's email. Your friend must register in the back office by following this link within 90 calendar days from the email's receipt date. After that, both you and your friend will be credited with 200 investment shares each.
 • In order for the shares to remain with you forever, your friend must get verified in the back office within 30 calendar days from the registration date. Otherwise, they will be annulled. Remind your friend about this. 
The "Gift to a Friend" option will allow you to:
 • increase the number of your shares in the project,
 • help other people learn about the project and become its investors,
 • support the project by increasing the number of its investors,
 • increase your partner structure and the amount of passive income.
Hurry to benefit from the updated features of the "Gift to a Friend" option until December 15 inclusive!