"Sovelmash" production line operation: a graphic overview

Preparation of the premises for the automated production line is nearing completion. After installing the production line in the premises the workflow methodologies will be worked out, the programs will be created, the equipment will be optimized and debugged, the necessary tooling will be created, the motor prototypes will be produced including small-scale pilot batches, which will enable clearly demonstrating the capabilities of automated production for certain motor models. 
 The video shows the operation of the equipment which the automated production line will consist of, namely:
 an automatic winding machine for coil groups of electric motor stators,
 a machine for retracting winding coils into the slots of electric motor stators;
 machines for shaping winding front parts; 
 a machine for insulating slots of electric motor stators;
 a machine for banding and binding front parts of stator winding. 

  The production line enables automated production of about 12,000 electric motors per month. The volume of production can vary depending on the size and other factors. 
 The comments of the "Sovelmash" partner and head of ASPP Weihai Victor Arestov will help you learn more about the equipment.
 Watch this video and leave your comments! Enjoy watching!