BestChange service: a new guide for investors in the back office

Investors can add funds to the main account in various ways in SOLARGROUP's back office. 
 If the suggested ways of adding funds to your account are not enough for you, or if you do not know how to top up your account most profitably through any of the payment systems presented in the back office, you can use online services for monitoring exchangers.
 BestChange is one of them. This free service will help you find the most profitable exchange option for almost any currency. More than 100 exchangers are registered on BestChange, the service promptly receives information about the currency exchange rates and the amount of commissions in them. 
 With the help of the service, you can not only compare the conditions offered by various exchangers and choose the most profitable one among them, but also choose exchange offices for double exchange. Besides, the service gives access to detailed statistics on fluctuations in the exchange rates and user feedback on exchangers. The system carefully checks the exchange offices for reliability. 
 The BestChange interface is convenient and user-friendly, and to make it even easier for you to master the online service, we have prepared a detailed text guide. It is available in the back office here -    
 You can see an example of using the BestChange service in our guide for adding funds to your main account using USDT —  
 Learn how to add funds to your account in the back office in various ways and choose the one that is most convenient and profitable at the moment!