"Sovelmash" casting area: before/after

We continue to introduce you to the changes on the leased premises of "Sovelmash".
 In the previous videos, we showed what the winding and testing areas looked like at the time of their creation and what they are like today — in 2021. 
 In this video, you will see how the casting area has changed. Today it is a fairly spacious area with a lot of equipment: 
 - a vacuum die casting machine; 
 - a pelletizer - necessary for processing large-sized materials into small pellets; 
 - a muffle furnace - used for preparing flasks for metal pouring, as well as for drying large-sized stators or several stators at once;
 - an industrial drying cabinet, which also allows you to dry varnished stators;
 - an induction heater - required for heating metal materials;
 - a grinding machine;
 - a drilling machine;
 - a tool sharpening machine;
 - a hydraulic press - this press is used to install the stator in the frame and to place bearings on the shafts, etc.;
 - a turning and milling machine - used to make tooling and various parts and to fine-tune motors.
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