Your name in the history of "Sovelmash" — it's not too late!

Back in the summer of 2019, we started shaping the list of the project participants to create a time capsule where the names of all those who had invested in the project and sent their wishes to the company would be recorded. The data collection was completed in October 2020, but due to numerous requests, as we are approaching the time of burying the capsule, we are again giving this opportunity to everyone who missed the announcements or was late. 
 At the end of the stage zero at the "Alabushevo" construction site, an event will be held to bury the time capsule. And today you still have a unique opportunity to perpetuate your name in the history of "Sovelmash". This can be done up to and including May 11, 2021. 
 We remind you that only the project investor - a person who became the owner of an investment package at any stage of project funding — can leave his mark in the history of the design and engineering technology department (D&E). 
 It doesn't matter when you purchased the package — at the first stage or today, regardless of the nominal value and form of payment (installment plan or lump-sum payment) - you can still participate and send us your details.
 How do I do this? 
- On a piece of paper, write your own first and last names, patronymic, short wish to "Sovelmash" and put your signature; 
- Make a scanned copy of the sheet and send it to; 
- In the subject line, write "Time Capsule" and specify your last name;
- In the body text, be sure to specify the e-mail used for registering in the project's back office;
 Send all the details by May 11, 2021 inclusive.
  The time capsule will be buried on the company's site in the SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow" next to the D&E building under a commemorative stele dedicated to the project.
 We will inform you about the exact date of the time capsule burial later. The information will be announced in all the official project sources.
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