Reporting webinar of SOLARGROUP: what the speakers will talk about

"Funding stage 15 in the project ""Duyunov's motors"" is nearing completion. We remind you that on May 1, a new funding stage - stage 16 - begins. And now it's time to sum up the results of the outgoing period. 
 Let's do it together! 
 On April 14, at 17:00 Moscow time, the reporting webinar of SOLARGROUP takes place. 
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 The broadcast will be held in 13 languages: Russian, English, French, Bulgarian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Croatian, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Hindi, as well as Italian. 
 Participation in the webinar is an opportunity to learn about all the most interesting events of the project and plans for the future from SOLARGROUP's top officials, to be introduced to the latest news from ""Sovelmash"" and the project partners. 
 Who is this webinar for? 
  - For investors and partners of the project ""Duyunov's motors"". You will get the most interesting and up-to-date information about the project and its latest achievements. 
  - For the newcomers, those who are interested in investments and have recently learned about the project. You will understand the purpose of the project and its scope. You will learn what makes the ""Slavyanka"" technology and ""Sovelmash"" unique. You will understand how to earn profit from investments in the project and the partner business. 
 What speakers will participate in the broadcast and what will they talk about? 
 Pavel Filippov, head of advertising and public relations at SOLARGROUP, will talk about how the project has progressed at stage 15. The webinar participants will be the first ones to find out how many new investors and partners have joined the project since the beginning of 2021, and how many new investment packages have been purchased. You will also find out what work has been completed by SOLARGROUP to make this possible. Pavel will tell you about the company's plans for the future: in which countries the company plans to open its national representative offices, what major events lie in store for the project participants. You will learn about the special investment offers from him and understand how to invest in the project with maximum benefit. 
 Head of the information and analytics department of ""Sovelmash"" Alexander Sudarev will report on the company's news and tell you about the results achieved at stage 15, which relate to the D&E construction and other areas. The webinar also features a report from the territory of the leased premises of ""Sovelmash"", the company's leading engineer Igor Korkhov will participate in it and share information about the latest changes in the laboratory.
 Victor Arestov, the partner of ""Sovelmash"" and CEO of ASPP Weihai that is engaged in modernizing motors by applying the ""Slavyanka"" technology, will take part in the webinar. He will report on the new developments that his company is currently engaged in. Besides, Victor will tell you about how the preparation of equipment for the ""Sovelmash"" automated line is progressing. To recap, the equipment has been purchased in China with the direct participation of Victor Arestov and will soon be shipped to Zelenograd.
 Andrey Lobov, the project's investor and partner, founder of the company ""STIIN"", will tell about the potential and demand for vehicles with ""Slavyanka"" on the world market in an interview that has been prepared by our film crew managed by the head of the project management service of SOLARGROUP, Fyodor Konstantinov. You will learn how to turn your motorcycle or other light-weight vehicle with an internal combustion engine into an electric one with Duyunov's motor. And also about why ""STIIN"" is anticipating the time when ""Sovelmash"" starts developing motors on a full-fledged scale. 
 Register for the webinar, participate in the broadcast to keep up to date with the project development and be the first one to get exclusive information, as well as get access to beneficial investment conditions!"