Invest profitably: secure your discount until the stage change

On May 1, the project "Duyunov's motors" goes to funding stage 16 out of the 20 planned stages. The construction of the "Sovelmash" D&E is in full swing. The company is getting closer to implementing the project's goal — full-fledged development of the world's most efficient customized motors. 
 The investor risks are lower with each new stage. At the same time, the discount on investment shares is also reduced. Therefore, it is better to invest in the project at the current stage, until April 30 inclusive. 
 ATTENTION! You have the opportunity to secure the discount applicable for stage 15 or even earlier stages, so that in the future you will be able to continue purchasing investment shares at the old, more profitable prices. 
 How do I do this? 
 We remind you that the project has a special offer. Those who have already purchased an investment package can buy a new one at a discount applicable for the stage which the previous package was purchased at. 
 Who benefits from the offer? In fact — all the project investors! 
 1. Those who pay in installments. Under the terms of the stage when the current installment plan was issued, you can buy one or more investment packages of any denomination (larger, smaller, or the same as the previous one). Thus, you will make payments for several installment plans at the same time. 
 2. Those who have recently completed paying in installments. You can purchase a new package under the terms of the previous one within 30 calendar days from the last installment payment. In other words, you'll continue making monthly payments in the same amount as before if you buy a package of the same denomination (or the payment amount will change slightly if you buy a different package). Just imagine your profit: at stage 15, you can purchase investment shares at a discount applicable for stage 10 or stage 6 (depending on when you bought the previous package). 
 3. Those who purchase their first investment package in the project or have long completed the installment plan. By purchasing a package at stage 15, you will be able to purchase another package with the same discount at later stages, when the cost of shares for the new project participants will significantly increase. 
 The back office features will allow you to buy investment packages one by one at a fixed discount as many times as you want, until the project funding is completed. 
 We firmly believe that it is the best opportunity to start investing or increase the number of your shares in the international project "Duyunov's motors" as it's reaching the finishing line. It is obvious to everyone that Dmitriy Duyunov's team is capable of solving all the tasks to implement the project. No wonder more and more people trust the project: the number of investors from different countries at stage 15 has increased by 7 %, exceeding 36 thousand people! Only until the end of April, you have the opportunity to invest on the unique conditions that will never be available again. Use the opportunity!