"Sovelmash" audit: the annual audit results published

"Sovelmash" has successfully passed audit 2020. The results of the audit are posted on the website of the Unified Federal Register of legally significant information on the facts of activity of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, and other business entities. You can view the document here - https://clck.ru/U7h9d 
 An audit is a check of reliability and correctness of the company's accounting and financial statements conducted by an independent authorized organization. The main purpose of the procedure is to identify errors and violations in the company's activities and draw up a conclusion that will ensure eliminating the detected flaws. Besides, an audit helps to avoid tax risks and keep the company's accounting in order. 
 For "Sovelmash", an audit is a mandatory procedure in accordance with Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 476. Every year, the company passes the audit successfully, which is indictaive of:
 - professionalism of the company's responsible employees and proper management of documentation;
 - targeted spending of funds; 
 - compliance of the "Sovelmash" activities with the standards and requirements imposed by the Russian legislation. 
 For the investors of the "Duyunov's motors" project, the positive results of the "Sovelmash" audit are another confirmation of the fact that the company can be trusted and the project will be successfully implemented.